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How Do I Import Questions From A Spreadsheet
How Do I Import Questions From A Spreadsheet

Learn how you can import questions from a csv to the questions library

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Did you know that you can import lots of questions into the questions area to save time?

  • Importing questions is fall game types except Hot Spot.

  • Using your own spreadsheet will likely not upload properly, so please ensure you use the spreadsheet below and save it as a csv file prior to upload.

1. Download our template and open it in a compatible spreadsheet program (MS Excel, Libre Office, Google Spreadsheets, or Numbers).

2. Add your questions, answers, explanations and references into the spreadsheet.

3. Save the spreadsheet as a .csv file.

4. Head over to the Questions area and click on the three dots menu on the far right and select "Import Questions".

5. Drag and drop or search for the csv file you have prepared.

6. Check that the columns are correctly assigned using the mapping tool.

7. Once you are happy click on the "Next" button to begin the import.

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