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Get started with Shiken's personalized AI coach for learners

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Shiken Chat is your personal AI-powered study coach ready to help you deepen your understanding, be quizzed on the material, and provide you with instant explanations and more! This article will guide you on how to make the most out of Shiken Chat.

Getting Started with Shiken Chat

  1. Accessing Shiken Chat: Shiken Chat can be accessed from the bottom right of Shiken. Simply click Lemon to open Shiken Chat.

  2. Starting a Conversation: Simply type your query or request in the chat box and press enter. Lemon can handle a variety of requests, from explaining complex concepts to quizzing you on a topic, or even helping you practice a new language.

  3. Speech: You can click the microphone button at anytime and speak in real time to Lemon. This is ideal when recreating spoken exercises or just if you're in a rush or need more accessibility.

  4. Re-Size: Unlike standard Chat systems you can drag, resize and reposition the Shiken Chat window anywhere you like on your screen. If you're working in Shiken Chat

  5. Copy & Clear: You can copy a response by clicking the copy icon next to a chat message at any time to copy it to your clipboard and then paste it anywhere. If you want to start a new conversation just click the clear chat eraser icon in top right of the Shiken Chat menu bar.

Key Features of Shiken Chat

Personal Tutoring

Lemon, your AI study coach, is designed to help deepen your understanding of topics and provide instant explanations. Just ask Lemon any question related to your study material and get an instant response.

Pre-Built Prompts

If you're not sure where to start, check out our pre-built prompt library. These prompts range from creating flashcards and mock exams to improving creativity with an adventure game. Simply select a prompt and Lemon will guide you through it.

Language Learning

Shiken Chat also allows you to practice language role-plays, check your grammar, or jump into vocab flashcards. Just specify the language you're learning and the kind of practice you want (e.g., role-play, grammar check, or vocabulary flashcards), and Lemon will take care of the rest.

Teaching Assistance

For teachers, Shiken Chat can help with AI-guided lesson planning, question creation, and providing insightful student feedback. Just let Lemon know what you need help with, and it'll assist you in creating a more engaging learning environment.

Unlimited Usage

Shiken offers unlimited usage of Shiken Chat on all plans within our Fair Usage Policy. You can use Shiken for anything from writing essays to creating quiz questions, without

worrying about hitting a usage cap.

Exploring Shiken Premium

For an enhanced learning experience, consider trying Shiken Premium. As a premium user, you get access to additional features like ad-free learning, unlimited notes, offline mode, and more. You can start with a 14-day free trial to see if Shiken Premium is a good fit for you.

We hope this guide helps you get started with Shiken Chat. Remember, the more you use Shiken Chat, the more personalized and effective your learning experience becomes.

So, go ahead and start chatting with Lemon today!

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