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What is the process for syncing my school MIS with Shiken?
What is the process for syncing my school MIS with Shiken?

What steps to expect when syncing Shiken with your school system

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MIS access request

We will first request access to your school's MIS system through our secure school access partner Wonde.

You can see a copy of the data-sharing agreement and the exact permissions required to sync with Shiken in the Wonde school portal.

The list of MIS systems that we integrate with is as follows:

  • Arbor

  • Bromcom

  • Civica Maze

  • Engage

  • Facility CMIS

  • Furlong

  • iSMAS

  • Progresso

  • Pupil Asset (pa)

  • RM Integris

  • SIMS

  • SIMS Primary

  • ScholarPack REST

  • SchoolBase

  • SchoolPod

  • Teacher Centre

  • VSware

  • WCBS

Data audit
Once we have access to user and class information from your school system we will conduct a "dry run" to check everything is ready to get started. We will then work with your data manager to fix any issues.

You can also find MIS integration guides provided by Wonde here.

Live sync
Once you are happy we will start syncing and you will start getting all the benefits of our school MIS sync.

Why sync Shiken with your school system?

Save time and admin

  • Student, teacher, and class information are automatically populated.

  • Student information is also completely aligned with your school system, making learning data collected on Shiken more accurate and useful.

  • Changes you make within your school system will appear on Shiken within 24 hours e.g. new students or changes to classes.

  • Whole-school management of all classes and accounts, with the ability to bulk reset passwords at the click of a button!

Data & insights:

  • The ability to set assignments easily across multiple classes. Setting whole year group tasks and revision now couldn’t be easier.

  • Generate reports for classes, year groups or even whole departments!

  • The reports will enable you to track student progress and closely monitor target groups, thus enabling you to tailor interventions to ensure maximum results.

To start syncing Shiken with your school, or find out more, get in touch with a member of our team.

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