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Tracking Learner Skills Using Groups
Tracking Learner Skills Using Groups

Built in skills analytics show you emerging skills, skill gaps and what’s growing.

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The groups page is really powerful. You can use the Markbook to track skills progression against key categories and topics within your organization or school.

The markbook shows progress data in real time across the entire Shiken platform for the learners in that group. The data is displayed in a waterfall manner.

You can start by viewing a Subject such as personal development and then by clicking on that subject you can drill down into it's categories/topics. So for Personal Development you may then see things like Productivity, Leadership or Sales.

The data presented represents % correct answers and progress. This data is color-coordinated for easy viewing so that you can spot skill gaps quickly across learners and identify topics to focus learning on.

For example if you see that the Leadership skill column of the Markbook is mostly red you might want to set an assignment that focuses on improving leadership by a set date. This connects people to meaningful learning opportunities through custom goals made up of truly blended learning journeys that demonstrate your learner's achievements.

You can then view the Assignment scores by each learner from the Assignments tab and even drill down further into individual questions scores and time taken to complete the assignment.

This not only demonstrates improvement but also helps you to spot top students and experts in those topics who can be mobilised for creating user-generated learning content to share with their peers.

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