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What Types Of Questions Can I Create?
What Types Of Questions Can I Create?

Understand how to use the different question formats

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Shiken features a wide range of question types designed to test higher-order thinking in a gamified way.

Creators can select from 8 different questions types:

Single Best Answer (SBA)

In SBA questions there is a question, a single correct answer and 3-4 distractor, incorrect answer options.

Extended Matching Questions (EMQs)

EMQs offer a question, case study or scenario and then challenge the learner to select from a longer list of potential options. EMQs are great for more practical applications of knowledge.

Viva Questions

Viva voce means 'spoken instead of written' and can be thought of as an oral or audio-based assessment. Vivas are great for interview style question-answer scenarios as well as conversations for topics like language learning and more. On mobile learners can talk to Shiken's AI and then our text-to-speech (TTS) system adds this to the chat log so learning is more conversational. When creating Viva questions you can begin with a scenario such as "You are interviewing for a job" and then add in multiple question stems that naturally follow on from that scenario.


True/false questions are great for gamifying simple quizzes and forcing the learner to make a yes or no decision quickly.

Ranking Order

Ranking order questions ask the learner to order a list of options with the correct order scoring full marks.


Multi-select questions are similar to single best answer questions but allow for multiple correct answers.


Hot-spots are image-based questions that enable creators to add interaction points to any image. These are great for getting learners to identify parts of an image such as the structure of a cell.


Flashcards are really simple. There is a question on one side and then the answer on the reverse.

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