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How To Create A Product
How To Create A Product

Learn how to create a product as a creator.

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To create a product simply click on the Create Product button from the side bar.

Shiken allows you to create question sets, courses, exams and bundles that can be used in live games or challenges; with your team or with anyone who has a joining link.

Products can be free so that anyone can access them or they can be paid if you want to monetize your knowledge.

Product types are listed below:

  • Question Set: these are micro-leaning quiz-style active recall questions to boost engagement and solve the problem of long-term retention of knowledge. Question sets can be played solo by learners or used as part of a live game or a self-paced challenge.

  • Course: courses feature video, text or quiz question lessons. Courses can feature bite-size content or longer-form content depending on what you're sharing

  • Exam: With exams you can lock in a number of questions and a time limit and then assess your learners under pressure. Exams are a great way to truly see if your learners have retained information and are ideal to use at the end of an onboarding period or after meeting certain competencies as an assessment that needs to be passed.

  • Bundle: wouldn't it be great if you could group several of your existing products into a single bundle that learners can access? That's exactly what the bundle product type is for.

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