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How Do I Get My Store Approved?
How Do I Get My Store Approved?

Get your store approved and complete creator onboarding

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Creator Store Setup

Regardless of how you sign up for a creator account you will be asked to add some basic information and content to your creator page. This includes a logo, store name, friendly url and description. You can also optionally add a store banner and video or you can add these later.

Creator Approval and Waitlist

Due to the volume of applications and quality control checks we are currently employing a waitlist for new creators and if you apply we will notify you when approvals are open again.

In the meantime the creator area allows you to create your own questions and products and you can also upgrade to Creator Pro which allows you to manage learners and students.

Store approvals happen weekly and we advise ensuring the following to get approved first time:

  • Store profile is completed fully

  • A single example free product has been created

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