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How To Go Through Onboarding
How To Go Through Onboarding

Shiken onboarding helps Shiken's AI to personalise your learning experience.

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After signing up you'll be asked a few questions that help personalise your learning experience. All are based on evidence-based learning techniques.

Step 1: Select Your Stage

This step sets the desirable difficulty of content delivered by Shiken.

Step 2: Subjects

Select the Subjects that interest you. This ensure you only receive content suggestions relevant to your needs.

Step 3: Products

To help you get started and to refine your interests choose up to 3 topics.

Step 4: Set Learning Goals

Setting a goal has been shown to improve your learning outcomes and engagement with what you are studying.

Shiken allows you to set a combination of active recall questions, course lessons and mindfulness minutes as well as setting a deadline to complete our learning by.

You can see all of your goals and deadlines in the goals area of Shiken and each can be customized with a color and icon.

Step 5: Unlock Your First Study Buddy

This step reminds you why you are using Shiken and also familiarizes you with Shiken's active-recall system. There are no wrong answers and to reward you for completing onboarding you'll be rewarded with your first Study Buddy!

Unlock them all by building good learning habits and using Shiken regularly.

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