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How Do I Unlock Study Buddies and Accessories?
How Do I Unlock Study Buddies and Accessories?
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As you play through Shiken you may encounter study buddies after completing certain goals. If you can beat the study buddy in a quick quiz game you’ll unlock them and can then use them as an avatar and unlock their accessories by completing questions.

Study Buddies

Gumbo is your starter study buddy and there are 29 study buddies to unlock in generation one. You can unlock new buddies by doing things like playing quiz games, practising mindfulness and more.

When you encounter a study buddy by using Shiken and completing learning sessions, games and quizzes the study buddy will challenge you to a quick quiz game. If you get the study buddy's question correct you'll unlock them and you can then use them as an avatar in the Buddydex area.

If you don't get the study buddy's question correct don't worry! The buddy will appear again randomly as you play through Shiken so you'll get another chance to unlock them.

The goal of Shiken is to unlock all buddies and their accessories and you can then show these off on leader boards and in multiplayer games.

Here are some hints to unlock two really cool study buddies early on:

· Try completing a 7-day streak

· Try completing the onboarding tasks on your home page


Once you have unlocked a study buddy their accessories will become available to unlock too. Accessories randomly appear as you spend time learning in Shiken and just like the study buddies you'll need to get a question correct to unlock the accessory. Accessories pop-up randomly so the more you play the more chance you'll have to unlock them all.

Accessories can be added to your study buddies in the Buddydex.

What Are The Unlock Criteria

We love surprises but if you want spoilers you can check out the Shiken Fandom page and Shiken Discord Community.

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