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Shiken Refer A Friend
Shiken Refer A Friend

Learn how to gain rewards for referring friends

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Share Shiken with friends and family. If they sign-up you get discounts or free Shiken Plus

What's this for?
Sharing with friends, family, or anyone you know

What do you get?
Discounts to apply to products and a free month of Shiken Plus when you sign up 5 friends.


  • For every invited friend who signs-up for a Shiken account you get a 10% discount code to spend in the Shiken Store

  • For every 10 invited friends you sign-up you get a random reward from the reward pool including an exclusive Study Buddy.

  • Your friends get a 20% discount code to spend on premium products in the Shiken Store (on web)

How do I start?

  1. Login to Shiken

  2. Go to your Home dashboard

  3. Click the Refer A Friend button

  4. Copy the unique link and share it with friends

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