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What Are Notes and Bookmarks?
What Are Notes and Bookmarks?

Learn about notes and bookmarks

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Taking notes as you learn is vital and when quickly practising questions it is helpful to bookmark questions to come back to later. The notes and bookmarks area in Shiken allows you to do just that.

Accessing Notes and Bookmarks

Notes and bookmarks can be accessed from the main navigation menu on app and web app.

When entering the notes area you will see that the area is divided into your own self-created notes in the yellow box and then a list of white bookmark cards.

If you are a member of a group (assigned by a creator) you can switch between shared group notes and your own notes by clicking on the bookmarks title at the top of the page.

User Notes Vs Bookmarks

User notes are not affiliated with questions and can be created directly from within the notes area.

Bookmarks are questions that have been bookmarked during a study session. When bookmarked notes can be added to the bookmarked questions.

Adding User Notes

To add a new note click on the yellow my notes box in the notes area. This will display a list of your notes which can be edited and reviewed.

To add a new note click the Add New Note button.

When creating a new note you can name your note and tag it with a subject, category, topic and, if you are a member of a group, assign to a group or keep the note private.

Searching Notes and Bookmarks

Notes and bookmarks can be quickly filtered using the filter or search function in the top right of the notes area.

Shiken Premium Notes Features

Free users can add up to 5 notes

Shiken Premium users can create an unlimited number of notes and can also attached images to notes on mobile which is great for quickly taking photos of books, notes or screenshots.

Bookmarking Questions

While playing a study session you can easily save a question to the notes/bookmark area by clicking the bookmark icon in the top right of the questions area.

When a question is bookmarked you can optionally add a note to the question. You can add multiple notes to a question if you wish.

Bookmarked questions and their notes inherit the subject, category and topic of their parent question so these are not editable unike when creating user notes.

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