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What is the Exam Dates Area
What is the Exam Dates Area

Learn what the exam countdown area is

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The exam dates section of Shiken allows learners to set a countdown to key upcoming tests, deadlines and exams. These can be customised and appear in the exam dates are in the navigation menu and at the top of the home page with a countdown. Exam dates is a beautifully simple countdown timer, reminder, exam & test timetable creator to help learners contextualise their study.

Exam Dates Overview

The exam dates area can be accessed from the main navigation menu or from the home page. From here you can add upcoming exam dates or deadlines. If you have notifications switched on in the mobile app you will receive reminders when deadlines and exams are approaching.

Exam Dates Functions

  • Store all your exam and test dates in one place

  • Create unlimited exam countdowns

  • Countdown the number of years, days, hours, minutes and seconds to exams

  • Colour code your exams

  • Choose from a selection of unique icons

  • Notifications

  • Synchronise deadlines to all your devices

  • Review past exams

Add an Exam

To add a new exam simple click the add exam button.

From here you can link your exam countdown to a subject, add a name for the exam, select a colour and icon and set the date and time for the exam. Once you have done so you can hit save to store the exam.

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