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How To Play A Single Player Game on Mobile
How To Play A Single Player Game on Mobile

Learn how to play solo on mobile

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Shiken offers a wide variety of game modes which can be accessed from the customise revision menu. Single player games can also be launched via the quick play option by clicking the green play button on a product you own in the home area, in the Shiken Store or library.

Launching Via Quick Play

  1. Anywhere you see a product with a green play button you can quickly jump into a quick play solo session. Quick play buttons appear on products you own in your home area, the shiken store and your library.

  2. After hitting quickplay you will be taken into a single player session for that product with a set number of questions and gamification mode activated with a default 20 second countdown and answers and explanations displayed as you complete questions.

Launching From Custom Revision

  1. Select custom revision from the mobile menu

  2. You will now be presented with a range of customisation options to create a play session

  3. Select Single Player from the menu

  4. Choose your desired question type

  5. Choose a subject

  6. Choose topics

  7. Select the Products from which you would like to practise questions

  8. Finally configure the play session including the number of questions, question time, points, mindfulness and how the questions display.

  9. When you are ready click the Start Revision button

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