Reporting a Mistake

Learn how to report a typo, incorrect information or anything else

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Content on the Shiken Store is created by tutors, publishers and experts. While Creators go through a verification process occasionally errors, typos and incorrect information might be missed. Luckily there is a quick and easy way to report any issues to the creator directly by using the feedback tool within the question area.

Reporting an Error

  1. If you spot an error or query the accuracy of an answer or explanation don't panic! You can quickly flag the question using the question feedback icon in the top right of the questions area.

  2. Once clicked the question feedback box will appear

  3. From here you can highlight whether the questions was easy or hard and can also report and error by clicking the Report Error tick box and entering in some free text to describe the error.

  4. This will then be reviewed by the Creator and corrected

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